Following the successful completion of our previous project, Studánka, we return to one of the quietest streets of Horní Libeňto once again make use of the location lying between the greenery and the practical transport backbone of Libeňin the form of Zenklova street. Residence V Zahradách is adjacent to Studánka and it will be connected to it both spatially and in terms of quality. The lively responses of the current occupants of Studánka, who extol the advantages of the location and the quality of the apartments, and the experience gained in the construction of Studánka, lead us to believe that Residence V Zahradách will become one of the most distinctive residential properties in Libeň. 

Residence V Zahradách will offer sixty apartments in various sizes, from one-bedroom investment units to grand five-bedroom apartments. Furthermore, it will be possible to convert some of them into spacious lofts or studios in accordance with the buyer’s wishes. Of course, the “first come, first served” rule applies here. Therefore, to get the apartment of your dreams, don’t hesitate to make your selection. You will find more information about the project on the website