People are already living in all 50 residential units. The last one sold was a luxury flat on the top floor. 

The R2 Rokytka project in Vysočany has been successfully completed and sold. Two buildings with fifty residential units and two non-residential premises were built in the neighbourhood of the O2 Arena over the course of a year and a half, with most of the flats having been sold during the initial phase of the project. The varied range of flats built and fitted to modern standards included flats for both investment purposes and for families to live in, including luxury flats with panoramic views on the top floor of the buildings.

Each of the flats has a balcony or terrace and parking is available in a communal underground space between the two buildings. 
R2 Rokytka enjoys an exceptionally good location within walking distance of Českomoravská metro station and other major transport hubs. Easy accessibility from the city centre is complemented by very good civic amenities, including the O2 Arena in the neighbourhood, a large shopping centre, a park and the town hall. 

At this moment in time, only the non-residential space on the ground floor of Building B remains vacant in R2 Rokytka. This large unit offering 288 m2 of interior space plus 302 m2 of garden and grassy terrace is available in Shell & Core standard and has been approved for use as commercial premises or as an office. Another major advantage is its proximity to potential clients from the ranks of the residents living in the project.