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Neocity was established in 2005 and is a member of Neocity Group, a successful international real estate development network. We focus on building and selling small- to mid-scale residential developments that allow us to offer homes emphasising maximum comfort and quality of living. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and responsive communication with customers, from the first contact up to the day the keys are given to the new homeowners. Over the last twenty years we have successfully built and sold a range of residential projects, including Terasy Břevnov, Rezidence U Veleslavínského zámku and R2 Rokytka.

All of our projects are overseen by an experienced team of people who work every day to ensure that your home is perfect to the smallest detail.

Our team

Oded Ber

It does not matter how many hundreds of apartments you have built. What matters is that you can be proud of each and every one. At Neocity, we make every effort to give our clients satisfaction all along the line.

Jiří Piluša
Financial director

We strive to make sure that our apartments remain affordable without having to make compromises in quality. To this end we also draw up budget financial plans for our clients.

Michal Šiller
Sales director

Since I am a perfectionist, every transaction and every apartment must be brought to perfection. Only then can we look back at our work with satisfaction.

Patrik Brožíček
Chief engineer

For an engineer, there is only one moment more pleasurable than looking at a successfully implemented construction project. That comes when he sees how satisfied its occupants are.