Are you looking for just the right place for your office, showroom or shop? We are offering two non-residential premises with a capital P in our R2 Rokytka project. These premises are located on the ground floor of two new buildings just a few minutes from Českomoravská metro station in Vysočany and are ready to become an important part of your business plan. They offer plenty of interior space, including all the necessary facilities, wheelchair access, a grassy terrace and one of them also includes a large front garden.
These premises are part of our R2 Rokytka project, which has now almost sold out. The project has 50 flats housing potential customers for your business. However, customers can be found all around, because this part of Prague has excellent amenities and transport connections including tram and train services. This means that wherever your customers are coming from, they can get to you quickly and easily.
If you are interested in either of these premises, please get in touch. We will be happy to show you around in person